ForeverGreen and Versativa Network Team Up To Offer Exclusive Hemp Products!

ForeverGreen and Versativa Network Team Up To Offer Exclusive Hemp Products!Versativa Network Teams Up With

ForeverGreen To Offer Line of

Exclusive Hemp Products!

In a bold move to show their support of the rapidly growing Versativa Network Hemp Arm of their company, ForeverGreen has made the decision to team up with the group to create and promote a deeper line of exclusive Hemp products.   ForeverGreen International, known globally for its bold move into the marine phytoplankton market bringing with it lots of love, has jumped headfirst into a completely new yet wide-open market that is all about nutrition and personal care products.  Employing Hemp, Hemp Seeds and Hemp Seed Oil, these products will completely change the face of ForeverGreen.

Versativa Network Is All About Exclusive Hemp Products!

Launching in the end of February, Versativa was the first network marketing platform to work exclusively in the Hemp business.  Not only are they a huge proponent of the legalization of industrial hemp, they are creating substantial incomes for both business people and non-business people that decide to join the organization.  Piercing the exclusive Hemp products market wasn’t necessarily easy for management at ForeverGreen.  Reaching out to such network marketing “heavy hitters” such as Chris Tinney and  Cindy LaDue,  as well as ardent supporters of the industrial hemp movement such as Crystal Guess and Jonathan Logan, ForeverGreen went straight to bat and hit the proverbial home run.  Creating and driving the momentum in the forefront of everybody at Versativa is Yo Fujikawa, noted and extremely successful internet marketer.  Fujikawa has developed and presides over several successful internet marketing interests and is a master at driving internet traffic.  Hence, the rapid presence, growth and success of the Versativa Network!

Exclusive Hemp Products by ForeverGreen and Versativa

Network Are Going to Take the

Personal Care Market by Storm!

Now that the marriage between the Versativa Network and ForeverGreen is complete, be on the lookout for more and more exclusive Hemp products to be developed and made available to distributors.  As Versativa/ForeverGreen CEO Ron Williams said in one of the first company wide corporate calls, “…the distributors will drive the new product introductions.  Do you guys want clothing?  Do you guys want personal care products?  Heck, we’ll make Hemp chairs if that’s what it’s going to take…”  How cool is that?  Are you in a company where the distributors have the input to determine new introductions for the company? If not, then this is your call to action.  We are growing our team faster than Hemp grows and now is the time to get in on the tidal wave of success that Versativa/ForeverGreen is now riding!

Versativa Network Marketing Is Bigger Than Exclusive Hemp


At the forefront of the Hemp movement, there are countless dedicated individuals who are making huge sacrifices for the sake of getting Industrial Hemp legalized.  The company is all about bringing Hemp farming back to the U.S. so that the availability and viability of the plant will benefit so many people and so many markets.  Sure, Hemp is available now, but look at the carbon footprint that is being created to get the plant here so that it can be processed.  It’s ridiculous.

The Versativa Network opportunity offers people who are active in the Industrial Hemp legalization movement to not only get involved in a movement that can benefit the planet and the U.S. economy, it will benefit the personal incomes of those who are wise enough to get involved.  If you are a proponent of legalization of Industrial Hemp in the United States, seriously take a look into the Versativa Network now.

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