I Got My ForeverGreen Package of Versativa Hemp Pulse Crunch Today!

I Got My ForeverGreen Package of Versativa Hemp Pulse Crunch Today!

My ForeverGreen Pack of Versativa Hemp Pulse Nutrition Arrived On My Door Step Today!


Today was the big day of the long waited arrival of my Versativa Hemp Pulse nutrition package!  Yep, the big day!!  I’ve heard testimonials; I watched videos of CEO Ron Williams holding it up to the camera; I even watched as several distributors received their packages and opened them live on video for me to salivate over!

Versativa Hemp Pulse Crunch?

For weeks I’ve been promoting a product that I’ve never seen, felt, smelled or tasted.  How was I describing it?  Was I leading people astray?  I told them that we were introducing a “mix” kind of like a granola type of trail mix.  Well? I was close.  When I opened my first pack of Versativa Hemp Pulse today, I knew we were on to something big.  I reached my hand into the bag and it felt, well, cold; and moist; and soft!  What??? Where’s the crunchy granola??

The next thing was to examine what I was seeing.  The easiest way I can describe it is that it has the texture of the inside of a fig newton but just a little more firm and definitely “nutty” and “seedy.”  But, nevertheless, good.  Good in a wholesome way.  Good in the sense that what I am putting into my cake hole is actually healthy, healthful, wholesome, organic, whole, raw and is a thousand times better than the other garbage food we tend to eat.

Versativa Hemp Pulse Hypocrite?

So, I’ve been promoting Versativa Hemp Pulse Nutrition products for a little more than a month and I hadn’t even experienced them at all.  Call me a hypocrite.  Am I a hypocrite?  Maybe so, but it was the product to a certain degree that was driving me, but it was also the opportunity to be in on the ground floor of a company with no competition and a will to make a difference.  There are no other products right now that compete with Versativa Pulse Hemp and there are no other network marketing companies working as hard to bring back a crop to our farms that could drastically change the U.S. economy and make us once again self sufficient as a nation!

Versativa Hemp Pulse is making promoting Versativa relatively easy if you have what it takes to stay the course while at the same time being creative.  It takes a lot to launch a new company, but rest assured that CEO Ron Williams knows how to do this.  On top of this, he has already had farm land in Utah pledged to him for Hemp cultivation.  This is first step in many strides that must be taken in order to get Hemp legalized to grow and cultivate in the U.S. Versativa Hemp Pulse is on the front lines to help make a difference in the US economy as well as  in your personal economy.

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