Try Keyword Optimizer Pro As One Of Your Winning Strategies – It’s FREE

Try Keyword Optimizer Pro As One Of Your Winning Strategies   Its FREEThis Is Another Tool To Add To Your Winning Strategies

Still struggling with keyword research and looking for more winning strategies to add to your arsenal?  If so, I’m going to share with you a tool that I was recently exposed to that has made keyword research for long tail keywords much simpler.  It’s called the Keyword Optimizer Pro and right now it’s still free.

I want to clarify right from the onset that Keyword Optimizer Pro does not have an affiliate program now; after all, it’s free.  People are sharing the program only because they’ve achieved success with it as one of their internet marketing winning strategies.  How can it be free then?  I’ll answer that in a moment.

Not All Winning Strategies Have To Cost Money!

I know what you may be thinking… if it’s free, how can it be worth anything.  I asked the same question myself, but a buddy of mine who is an SEO guy convinced me that there was no “hook” regarding the product.  So I figured… why not?

I’ll admit here that I’m not completely finished with all of the training but I know enough to use the tool.  If you have Market Samurai, that’s even better because you can use data between both programs.  You will also need to use the Google Keyword tool as well which is also free.

The thing about the Google tool is that there are so many people looking at it and using it, it seems only likely that many analysts are going to come up with the same keyword combination.  This is going to increase competition drastically.  That’s where looking at long tail keywords can make the difference between unreal traffic and no traffic whatsoever.  It only makes sense to dig deeper into the research to see what’s out there if you really are serious about your online business.  For those who are strictly using their blogs as attraction marketing tools, this type of research still makes sense.  After all, this is about either getting folks to your blog or to the landing page of your choice.

The Keyword Optimizer Pro platform works on both PCs and Apple.  That’s a big plus right there.  Everyone can try it out.  Next, it works with data only from three search engines.  Don’t let that keep you from trying it because the three search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing.  I don’t think there’s anything else out there that it going to skew the data.  As a matter of fact, if you try the tool, you’ll see that Google has the lion’s share of all the results anyway.  But, it’s good to see where the information falls in the other of the “big three” engines.

Have you ever noticed when doing a search in Google, Yahoo or Bing that when you start to type in what you are looking for, many times a “drop down” box will appear with related search terms?  This is key to how this tool works in analyzing data.  If you type in “dog training” (I use that because KOP uses it as a training example as well as Market Samurai)  you’ll see all the items that come up in their respective order.  Now, if you type “dog training” and follow it with a space and then the letter “a” you’ll see an entire drop down menu with the most searched keywords that start with the letter “a” after “dog training.”  This is the beginning of what is known as a “long tail” keyword.  Long tail keywords are so much more targeted and provide so much more detail that tons of competition gets filtered out immediately.

There are tons of winning strategies out there, but why not try one that will help open your eyes to targeting audiences?

Now… the downside.  As I mentioned, I’m not totally finished with all of the training, but I know enough to use the tool effectively.  The only thing that could potentially get on some people’s nerves is that while the searches are going on, there are advertisements in the header of the tool.  So far I haven’t seen anything other than the creator, Dave Guindon, advertise on there.  He is advertising other programs that he’s created and that may be entirely why this program is free.  It may be an ingenuous way for an obvious genius programmer to advertise his paid programs.  Personally, that’s fine.  It all boils back down to being able to be a person who can provide value on the internet.  When that value is provided and can change a person’s life for the better, eventually people spend money with those kind of people.  To me, that’s a win-win combination and one that makes me want to include Dave’s program as one of my FREE winning strategies.

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