Not All Facebook Marketing Courses Are The Same

What Exactly Is Facebook Marketing?

All Facebook Marketing Courses Aren’t Up To Date

Facebook marketing courses seem to come and go.  For those internet marketers out there who feel compelled to jump into the world of Facebook marketing, I would encourage you to do some checking and see what is current.  With all of the algorithm and analytic changes taking place so often within the framework of Facebook, I cannot imagine not checking into the date the course was created, who created it, and what their credentials are.  There is too much at stake when trying to set up a successful plan to incorporate Facebook into your everyday marketing efforts.  Clara Shih, in her book “The Facebook Era,” goes into great detail about different ways to market on Facebook. Unfortunately, the book was published in 2009, and although very informative, the information contained within is still pertinent but yet incomplete.

What Exactly Is Facebook Marketing?

First, let’s get some things straight about what Facebook marketing is NOT.  OK, so let’s say you have an old couch you want to get rid of and so you get on your personal page and tell all of your friends that it’s for sale.  More than likely, this is a one-time deal, so there’s no harm done.  Let’s then say you have a business of some sort either online or offline and you begin promoting it heavily on your personal page.  This is now regarded more as unwanted spam than marketing.  For those who have products or opportunities that they want to promote, this type of spamming can either get your banned from Facebook, “unfriended” by your “friends,” or possibly embarrassed by a “hater.”  On top of that, if somebody promotes their opportunity or product link on other people’s walls, they can get shut down as well.  Right now, this does not constitute and egregious abuse of Facebook, but it does constitute a complete lack of courtesy and could get you marked as a spammer.  Result, temporary or permanent banning.  So, this is NOT Facebook marketing.

So, does Facebook marketing only mean getting online and trying to sell stuff to your friends? Hardly. In fact, you could actually get banned these days for doing that type of activity.  Facebook does not “like” repeat offenders and accounts will be shut down.  In fact, many already have.  So what’s the deal with Facebook marketing?  In fact, it is becoming more and more popular but it is not one homogenous technique.  Facebook marketing covers everything from having subscribers, following and commenting on posts with relevant comments, making either subtle or bold offers directly from a fan page to Facebook PPC.  Of all these methods, there is no one that is more effective than others.  In fact, some people can spend time following and commenting on others’ posts in such a way as to raise eyebrows and “attract” people to follow them.  Then there are others who can drive traffic effortlessly by incorporating PPC.  It really depends on what technique people want to attempt first.

Social Media Mastery Teaches Everything About Facebook Marketing

Michelle Pescosolido’s course called Social Media Mastery  is a great course that teaches many of the basics to getting started in Facebook marketing.  All done through video “modules,” she begins by giving a brief overview of the history of facebook and then moving into the training.  She covers setting up a Fanpage, setting up a landing tab for your fanpage and then she gets heavily into how to drive traffic to your new landing tab on your fanpage.  It is extremely detailed and she shows via video exactly what to do and how to do it.  This makes her course extremely valuable for facebook marketing training because it is a step by step approach to how to set up different advertising campaigns within facebook and how to manipulate your landing tab based where you want to send traffic.

Michelle also delves into the demographic aspects of targeting your audience.  She give extremely valuable information on how to set up your demographics for maximum results.  For me personally, her approach to advertising demographics nets me a huge amount of leads while adding over a thousand fans to my page.  The ads that I used to run were, at best, ineffective.  Now, however, with the tweaking that she teaches in the Facebook Marketing Overload course, it has made all the difference in my business.  I highly recommend it for anybody who has an interest in Facebook marketing and who wants to learn how to effectively advertise on Facebook.

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